Friday, June 15, 2012

Splatter Nails.

OMGoodness I am in love with my nails. I did white with neon Splatters. OMG I might make keeping it on for 2 weeks but not sure since I plan to do the Galaxy next. Picture overload because I love them lol

Preparing. This one I tape my hands to plates and The Big One blows the polish. He loves helping his mama. lol

My left hand. I tried to get ust my favorite nail which is my middle. the colors are just all over.

My right Hand. Not a very good pic.

My favortie finger on my right hand. I love that the corner is still white lol

I used.
Fingerpaint Basecoat
Fingerpaint Paper Mache 3 coats
Claires Neon Signs collection. All 5 colors
Seche Clear Top Coat


Winter said...

I LOVE these splatter nails! Those are SO cool! SERIOUSLY cool! Visiting over from SITS Girls and thanks for stopping my blog!

motheringfromscratch said...

{Kathy} My daughter is SO into her nails right now. I can't wait to show her these! I tend to steer toward the traditional French or Bright Reds.