Sunday, June 17, 2012


Do you Geocache? We did for the first time today and it was AWESOME. First we tried a park by our house. We looked for about an hour and nothing. So then we went up to the Hospital to see my mom (told ya in comments weekend was crazy). and our the way back I said lets try one more. The one we picked said it was "easy". so we drove to it. drove around. drove and parked on the spot and got out. feeling like fools lol.( I can only imagine what the people inside the gas station always think). we walked around. The Big One puts his hand out and I thought he wanted the phone and he said no look under the Air Pump. So I did and guess what IT WAS THERE. lol It was so cool. So we took out the log Book and signed it. We were the 4th person today to find that one. I want to go back and find the one at the park its annoying me. lol

My mom is in the hopsital for Blood Clots in here leg. Today was her 3rd time since Wedsneday to go in and they finally kept her to do something about it. So if you Pray please do. Also Please pray for the lady who Passed out in front of me at church today. The nurses who are members who were helping her were saying she looked like she had a Stroke. So this weekend had lots of ups and Downs.

The Small One "finding" it

Me Signing the Log Book

The Big One Putting it back.