Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The canlendar that never ends

It just goes on and on my friends. Lol. I forgot that I also put this together today. I found on pinterest and I had to do it. I love to write thing down so I get notebooks. I love this because I can look back on it and say oh man yea That I had that accident I was a mess for a week but look at the awesome Van I have now. This is the idea this is what I did. I didn't need to make it fancy since its for me. But I am chea christmas presents, I will make them a prettier.

Taking the lid off since it won't close with all the index ccards in there

Stamping a month

Stamping a day

Its a dirty job

can see well. I made these a little taller to stand out

I made this so Im not always searching

I like I need to bling it up lol


in its containter ready to go. When I knew I wanted to do this i started why things on a paper so I transferred them over.
Hope you like.

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Miz Dinah said...

Happy Saturday Sharefest! What an interesting way to keep it all organized. I'm a big fan of being organized, but I'm not always myself. Cheers SITStah!