Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last post for today.
We are in LOVE. We have found 3 out of 5. We were all sad we didnt get to go today because oof the heat. Tomorrow night The Big One has Dance and we are going to go look for some after.

me signing the first one we found yesterday. This one was a Tradional one. We all took something and left something. I found this one

Me signing the second we found

Its cute. I did not dress right for Geocaching. lol

The Small One with his stick and Cache

Hum he is just weird

The Big One putting it back. He found it. I was in front of him and he walked past the tree and says "cool a hollow tree, then mom" I turn around and he is holding it lol. Brat.

I am glad to have found this. We do family time at night by reading but this gets us out of the hour and to see some places even close to us we havent seen. They want to hide one now. So going to get that stuff together so we can hid one. I am happy so Happy that even The Big One is having fun. Trying to find something that a teenager wants to do is hard lol.


Lisa Cash Hanson Momprenur Mogul said...

Thanks for coming by my blog today for Sits Girls :) So fun to enjoy amazing times with your family.

Kristi said...

I really want to try geocaching!! It sounds like so much fun!

mom2kmjx2 said...

Geocaching is awesome and addicting and should have AA meeting lol. I have another post to put up of tonight adventures.