Thursday, June 21, 2012


After this week, I will make 1 post of that weeks Caches but it might be a big one so maybe 2 like Sundays and Thursdays or something. The Big One has his last dance Class before Production so after we set off. The first one was a no go. We looked, some got hurt(The Small One), We had Muggles ask what we were doing(should have left then). But we didnt we trekked on and still didnt find will go back another day. I want to see the container all the people who have found say its awesome. But there was a lot of wood and we could not get close to the spot. So we left.
Poor thing that first one we didnt find was bad terrain

This one made the Small One very happy because it was his first find. I said it has to be in that tree he circles. I see it, I see it. lol so cute. But at same time I got a call so I dont think I got pictures but will check.

I said to the Boys' this one isn't that far lets walk across the parking lot. Being the teenager and being annoyed(just saying that I know he really is like this). he yells out Hello to every person who walk by or waves if they are driving. ACOSS THE WHOLE PARKING LOT. what a dork. so we get over to the area and The Small One goes under this area that looks big enough for this container, nothing. So The Big One and I go around and sure enough there it is. I told The Small One to hurry up. Then made the mistake of telling The Big One that its right there but I was leaving it for The Small One and he took it. Brat. This was a nice big box with lots of stuff to pick from with a travel bug. The kids asked what it was so I told them. The Big One grabs that. The Small One grabs a ball. We Sign the log and trek back to the car. Oh and this one is a Milestone its number 5 in 3 days well six but yeah. GO US.

We grabbed dinner(its wedsneday with dance, 99% of the time we grab on Weds.) and I said theres a cache across the street. ok but hurry we are hungry. I said 5 minutes. agreed. See He does like it. So we head across and I park but it didnt look right I said no its over there a little more. So we drive over to what. Yep walk back to were I had parked in the first place lol. I walk right up to this lamppost. we are looking but Not seeing anything. I start to walk away and the numbers are getting higher. I said he has to be here theses are the lowest numbers. The Big One is at the Lamppost. and just pulls part of the cover off and there is the cache. Seriously Child it was like he was made for this game lol.

The big Box from the second cache

The Big One looked at the Trackable Bug.
The Small One with his Ball

Mama Happy after a great 2 caches and number 5

Me signing number 6

The Small One opened it and I stuck it back it.
Its a family thing. LOVE it.


Jennifer said...

Very Cool! My son and I do letterboxing every now and then. Letterboxing is like geocaching, but without the GPS. We really enjoy it!

mom2kmjx2 said...

I want to do Letterboxing to just trying to get the stuff together. Caching is so fun and Its getting us out of the house and out of in front of the screens.

Lucy McCracken said...

This sounds like such a fun thing to do with my kiddos. I've never heard of it before. It looks like you guys had a great day!

Kate said...

I've never tried this, but it sounds like a fun day!