Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Big One Production

Last year I missed the first half to having to drive from missing my flight cause I had gone down to Va Beach for my Nieces confirmation. I did not miss The Big One dancing though. This time I got to see all of it and OH MY GOODNESS the cuteness from the little ones. I want a little one just so I can do that lol. Pic overload sorry lol. I did blob out faces 1 I don't know how 2 really cant see anyone cause I'm using my Phone.

He is the boy in green. Aww

Just so cute

Worked out so well he was a mouse

Their Jazz Dance to Fire Flies. I LOVE that song.

The girls are so cute

I know why he wants to dance, look at all those pretty girls lol JK.

The did so good

My favorite part in this dance

So proud

all the kids are like family

And Done

walking off
SO this picture has a funny story. there is no tall kid in the picture, why? because my son didn't make it out to dance, His team comes out and I freak. Did something happen from the accident
that didn't show up until he danced. So I ran out and went backstage to find out what was wrong. the front desk manager saw and said he is OK! He couldn't find his shirt and by the time he was ready they were already on. so he raced around and when Mrs. A saw him she felt so bad she didn't catch it. so they were able to redo at the end of the program but before the teachers finale.
So cute again This was Danced to Cant Touch This

They are just so good

most if them its there first time

So before they went on one of MC's for the night came out and made a speech "I love FWSD for many reasons, 1 main reason is they put their kids first. Earlier there was a young Man(ego boost lol) that due to unforeseen circumstances was unable dance with his class. So without further ado on core of Can't Touch This. It was awesome she called him out and I have been teasing at least once a day lol

students and teachers

Helpers though the year

                                                       EVERYONE that helped during show

It was an awesome, I can't wait until next year when all of us are in it.